Artifact 1

Interview of an Information Seeker, document

Interview of an Information Seeker, document

Interview of an Information Seeker

MLS Outcome: P.O. 1
MLS Values: P.V. 1, 3

The purpose of the LI802 course is to teach MLS students how to diagnose and customize information services. We learned and used theories from psychology to understanding individual differences. The course aims to teach students to understand the individual personalities, learning styles, community styles, and characteristics of human information use in order to serve as a framework for the creation and development of individualized, user-centered services. The course content and learned activities were based on constructivist theory, which views learning as a series of continuous interactions that individuals have with others as what shapes their understanding of the world.

In my interview, I asked a woman who had recently bought a house about her information seeking process.  I analyzed her search process found it was similar to Kuhlthau’s “Initial Model of the Information Search Process,” the Krikelas Model, and especially the Byström and Järvelin Model. This allowed me to practice listening to a person seeking information and formulate solutions, as well as identify gaps and strengths in her information seeking process. This artifact shows my ability to identify specific needs of an information seeker while considering his or her unique perspective towards the process.