Artifact 3

Austad Library Database

MLS Outcomes: P.O. 3, 4
MLS Value: P.V. 1

The purpose of the LI844 course is familiarizing MLS students with the advanced principles and procedures of relational data organization for the purposes of information storage and customizable data retrieval. For our assignment, we created a relational database based on set theory and first-order predicate logic. These two branches of mathematics formed how we approached the design steps and methodology.

The artifact I designed and built for this course is a catalog of the books and DVDs that my husband and I own. The catalog takes the form of a relational database, with the individual tables and fields designed to inventory our items, keep track of what we have and heave not read, and track the circulation of our items to borrowers.

Through the design of this database, I practiced creating a mission and vision statement for a collection, and especially creating database structures based on the needs as expressed by the users of that collection. This demonstrates my ability to design a powerful tool for organizing data into information. Through this database design and creation, I demonstrate that I can repackage, customize, organize and deliver information in a way that is most helpful to the end user.