Artifact 5

Annotated Bibliography, document

Annotated Bibliography, document

Annotated Bibliography, Organization of Academic Library Websites

MLS Outcomes: P.O. 3, 5
MLS Value: P.V. 1

The purpose of the LI804 course is to teach future librarians about the individual, social, and institutional perspectives by which we organize information. This includes the assumptions, practices and issues of commonly used classification systems in all types of environments, with an emphasis on the practices of cataloging and indexing.  We approached this course looking through a lens by Arlene Taylor, who outlines the theory of classification in her book, The Organization of Information.

My annotated bibliography lists and critiques resources useful to anyone involved in the creation, design, and implementation process of Web development for an academic library. I compiled three categories of resources: organizational guides, studies, and unique examples. By selecting these resources, I practiced thinking about the relationships between information packages and collections as well as how theories of organization can be applied to the design of these information retrieval systems. I demonstrated my ability to compile useful resources to share with my colleagues in order to build the most usable informational tools possible for our patrons.