Artifact 7

Strategic Plan, document

Strategic Plan, document

High School Library Strategic Plan

MLS Outcome: P.O. 8
MLS Values: P.V. 2, 3, 4

The purpose of the LI805 course is to introduce library students to the political, social, and cultural environments in which organizations function. It especially focused on the challenging tasks involved in administering information agencies. The leadership theory from Rath and Conchie shaped our learning. The theory identifies core strengths of an individual and recommends forming a leadership style that will best take advantage of those strengths.

The artifact is a carefully designed and researched strategic plan for a high school library. The fictional school, based on an actual local high school, recently went through budget and personnel cuts, but the library’s strategic plan still seeks to fulfill their mission statement to develop students and staff who can effectively and actively use ideas and information. I practiced setting the direction of a library, creating alignments between my vision and the operationalization of my strategies, and establishing a reasonable plan with goals and guidelines to direct future decisions. Working in a group, I also practiced being an effective team member. As a result of this project, I demonstrated my ability to aid in effective and appropriate change in library services through collaboration, communication, and collegiality.