Artifact 8

Google+ Tutorial, website

Google+ Tutorial, website

Google+ Tutorial

MLS Outcome: P.O. 4
MLS Values: P.V. 1, 4

The purpose of this course is to teach future librarians basic information technology concepts and skills necessary for the profession, including fundamentals of personal computer hardware and software, networking, databases, Internet and Web concepts, tools, applications, and other emerging information technologies. The theory base for this class centered on usability methods from and Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences.

The artifact is a website,, introducing Google+ to nontraditional college students. I practiced creating a user-friendly, accessible and relevant learning tool for this specific community of patrons and users. I also familiarized myself with an emerging Web 2.0 tool. As a result of creating this tutorial, I evaluated an emerging technology and designed a webpage according to usability standards. I explained, used, and developed a system to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge, in this case, of a Web 2.0 tool.