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Eyetracking Usability Testing Presentation, link

Eyetracking Usability Testing Presentation, link

Eyetracking Usability Testing Presentation

MLS Outcomes: P.O. 4, 6
MLS Values: P.V. 1, 2

The purpose of the LI843 course is to introduce the basic principles, processes, and technologies of website design and construction and maintenance for libraries. The class followed Krug’s theory of simple design, and Garrett’s theory of the elements of user experience, which stresses the importance of the experience a product creates for the people who use it in the real world.

I created a presentation using Prezi, that explains a kind of usability testing that uses eyetracking to determine where people are looking on a computer screen when using a website. Designing this presentation allowed me to practice web standards, web usability and accessibility, designing, constructing, evaluating, and maintaining a website all while learning about new ways to improve and evaluate web design through eyetracking usability testing.  As an outcome of this research and presentation, I evaluated, critiqued, and discussed new research in the field, and employed current and emerging technologies to search for, repackage, and present information resources.